Microblading The First

A specialization for beginners in microblading!

Microblading - The First

The Eyebrows Micropigmentation Course is a course specially designed for professionals who are interested in improving their micropigmentation skills, learning a safer, simpler, and more agile way of microblading. In this course, you will learn how to achieve natural and delicate results microblading with the Iwama Sensitive Technique, a technique developed for delicate and sensitive skin.

Prerequisites: Student must have previous experience with eyebrow design.

Class Size: Up to 12 students.

This Eyebrows Micropigmentation Course is a two-day intensive course that offers conceptual and practical scientifically based classes that address:

  • ​ Skin anatomy for microblading;

  • Biosafety;

  • Color scale;

  • Pigment application;

  • Blades and their role;

  • Synthetic skin application;

  • Visagism;

  • Anamnesis file analysis;

  • Professional ethics;

  • How to find your professional identity;

  • Tips on photography, lighting, and image editing apps;

  • Technique demo;

  • Aftercare guidelines;

  • Step by step of a personalized procedure;

  • The best equipment and pigment brands;

  • The latest on technological equipment;

  • Case studies.

"With a unique workload, targeted classes, and a certificate, this course will boost your career. You will leave my classes with a stronger conceptual foundation in microblading, fine-tuned analytical skills, and a new mindset when talking about transforming our world through beauty."

​It will be a pleasure having you with us! I’m looking forward to answering all of your questions!

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