Dermopigmentation between eyelashes enhances the eyes in a sophisticated way due to the delicacy of the line, which, being carried out close to the lash line, keeps the natural look of the face.

The procedure is done with the help of the dermograph. Different levels of thickness can be applied, including a slight slope at the end of the line, resulting in the famous “kitten” style that many people love.

We can do it on both the upper and lower eyelids, everything depends on the desired effect.

The eyelid skin is one of the most fragile we have, my technique created for sensitive skin, the Iwama Sensitive, brings beautiful results with minimal trauma to the area.

It is carried out superficially, in a light and smooth way, so that the ink / pigment settles on the skin causing little discomfort and almost no bleeding.


No longer having to dedicate precious minutes of your routine to adjust the thickness of the eyeliner proportionally in both eyes speeds up your makeup routine.

The procedure replaces the eyeliner in a more elegant way, bringing the aspect of a more natural beauty than when we use conventional makeup.


Eliminating the concern with smudges and touch-ups when going to the gym, beach, pool, sauna, or even during your working hours. Due to the care in the execution of my technique, promoting the subtle enhancement of the eyes, providing an effect of more voluminous lashes in a discreet way, adding even more expression to your look in a natural way.

Another positive point is that people who are allergic to traditional makeup can enjoy these benefits without any concerns.

The procedure is carried out in a personalized manner, in a clean, and safe environment.

My office is located inside a prestigious medical center in Boca Raton-FL All material is strictly disposable and sterilized following the biosafety rules stipulated by the FDA, and rules determined by the state of Florida - USA; Always prioritizing the safety, transparency, and health protection of all my clients and staff.


Complete healing takes an average of 45 days, taking place gradually and smoothly, with no visible pain, itching, scabs, or visible peeling. It does not show any kind of reaction. Only a slight swelling in the first two days.

The swelling becomes more noticeable in the morning after waking up.

The color is intense and bright for 3 or 5 days, fading and becoming slightly opaque after this period.


Because it is a more delicate area and susceptible to rubbing or scratching during the day, care after the procedure is crucial to guarantee the durability of the procedure, which ranges from 12 to 24 months.

All information about post-procedure care and specific products for hydration and local healing are provided by me immediately after the session.

The touch-up must be done after the healing of the first session, which will be complete in about 45 days.

All previous care must be maintained to guarantee the excellence of the result through proper healing.


Even though it is a safe and effective technique, it is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, diabetics, and people who use anticoagulant drugs.

In case of uncertainty, I recommend that you see your doctor so that we can be sure that the procedure can be done safely.



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