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Many professionals continuously seek specializations that can differentiate them in the market and bring more purpose to their lives. The rare opportunity that opens the doors to this reality lies in the field of medical dermopigmentation, with hypopigmentation camouflage, offering professionals the chance to help people and be well-compensated for it.

In this specific niche, the demand for exemplary services far exceeds the number of trained professionals able to provide them. This means that by specializing in a technique already recognized by doctors and surgeons, such as the Iwama Sensitive Technique, you are not only expanding your skills but also positioning yourself in a market with potential for high earnings and recognition.


The growing demand for camouflage specialists

The dermopigmentation market is constantly growing, with an increasing search for procedures that not only enhance beauty but also restore confidence and help overcome fears and dissatisfactions. However, within this vast field, few professionals have sought to specialize and bring new techniques that surpass client expectations even further. This scarcity creates a unique opportunity for those looking to stand out in a highly lucrative and emotionally and socially impactful niche.

Hypopigmentation, a condition characterized by a loss of skin pigmentation, can be deeply impactful on the quality of life for affected individuals. The ability to offer an effective solution to this problem is not just a technical skill; it is a service capable of improving lives, transforming how people see themselves and are seen by the world.

Becoming one of the few experts in this area not only fills a critical gap in the market but also makes you a highly sought-after professional, allowing you to charge very satisfying rates for such a rare service.

The scarcity of qualified experts also means that you will have the opportunity to build a solid and loyal client base, who will not only seek out the known technique but also recommend you to others, further expanding your reach and impact.


The Technique that Redefines Standards

In a market saturated with generic techniques and variable results, being a certified specialist in the Iwama Sensitive Technique, recognized by doctors and surgeons who recommend the technique, is a clear and powerful differentiator.

This is because it encompasses much more than the technical learning that will allow you to make hypopigmentation spots imperceptible. It's the combination of concepts and guidelines that redefine the standard of care, experience, and results within dermopigmentation.


Developed and taught by me, Priscila Iwama, the technique stands out from the initial approach with the client to post-procedure care, always prioritizing the well-being and respect for each client.

By learning this approach, you will become a professional who considers not only the physical needs but also the emotional and psychological aspects of each client, who often carry, along with the spots, an invisible weight that is significant in their lifestyle and self-esteem.

The Iwama Sensitive Technique is designed to treat much more than the skin; we train professionals to offer transformations that deeply affect the lives of their clients. Distinguish yourself as a professional who values precision, empathy, and excellence, learning to be the connection that leads people to a more fulfilling and free life, making this journey of overcoming the best it can be.

Recover Your Investment Quickly

This training ensures that you are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to address a variety of pigmentation challenges, adapting to the individual needs of each client to achieve the best possible results. This not only elevates your professional practice but also establishes you as a reference expert in the field, attracting clients who seek the highest standard of care.

Additionally, we gift each of our students with an exclusive KIT of products from my brand, to ensure you have everything you need to start your professional journey successfully.


This kit includes the materials necessary for the first 30 procedures, including the precise Iwama Machine, needles with an anti-reflux system, high-quality pigments, and other essential instruments that are used and approved by various professionals in the field.

This kit is designed so that the student can recover the investment made in the course at the beginning of their career, also serving as a solid foundation on which professionals can build their practice, ensuring that each client receives high-quality treatment from the start. This is an important differentiator of our course, as it demonstrates a commitment not only to the education of the students but also to their immediate and ongoing success in the field of hypopigmentation camouflage.

Kit Iwama Experience.jpg


June 15 and 17, 2024

June 15: Fundamentals and Theory of Skin Camouflage

On this day, we will begin with a deep dive into the theoretical principles that form the foundation of dermopigmentation, addressing both the art and science behind this practice. It will be an opportunity to understand the fundamental aspects and the nuances that elevate a procedure from ordinary to extraordinary.

We will continue with a detailed study of the inks used in dermopigmentation, analyzing their compositions, characteristics, and proper selection for different types of skin and specific cases.

The day will conclude with a practical drawing session, where precision and creativity will come together to develop sketches that will form the basis for future practices. This day aims to establish a robust and inspiring foundation, crucial for success in the practical phases that will follow.

June 17: Practical Application and Real Cases of Camouflage

This day will be marked by intense practical learning and the application of knowledge in various cases of hypopigmentation spot dermopigmentation.

The highlight of the day will be the monitoring of real cases and the application of the technique on a real model, invited by the student. Students will learn the entire process, from the initial consultation to the final instructions of the exclusive Iwama Sensitive Technique protocol.

The experience of seeing these procedures live and interacting with real clients provides an in-depth understanding of the challenges and rewards of this field, equipping students to positively impact the lives of those who seek not only visual restoration but also well-being and self-esteem improvement.

This day represents a milestone in the professional and personal development of the students, preparing them to become specialists in dermopigmentation and true agents of transfer formation.


Financing available through                

  • Tattoo License 

  • Pre-course Materials Sent via Email

  • Practical Materials Provided on the Day of the Course

  • BONUS KIT for Client Services

  • Certificate of Participation

  • Lifetime Support



For those who wish to transform lives

The Hypopigmentation Course is designed for those who not only seek technical excellence but also want to make a real difference in people's lives. Whether you are a dermopigmentation professional looking to expand your skills, an aesthetician wanting to specialize in a highly valued market niche, or someone at the start of their career seeking a path filled with meaning and purpose, this course is for you.

The training goes beyond developing technical skills; it is an opportunity to make a lasting positive impact on people's lives. Each client you serve brings a unique story, often marked by insecurities and challenges related to their appearance. By offering them the chance to overcome these barriers, you are not just enhancing their outer appearance; you are helping to rebuild their self-esteem and change the way they see themselves and interact with the world.

The impact of a successful hypopigmentation camouflage procedure is profoundly transformative. Clients who previously felt embarrassed about their appearance experience a renewal of confidence, opening up to new opportunities and experiences.

As a professional, witnessing this transformation is incredibly rewarding, offering a sense of purpose and fulfillment that goes far beyond the financial aspect of the profession. If you are driven by a passion to help others and want to leave a positive mark on the world, this course provides the knowledge and guidance needed to do so.


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