Lip dermomicropigmentation is a procedure that enhances the lips in a subtle way so that they appear naturally vivid and symmetrical.

The desired color is introduced delicately through a dermograph and lasts much longer than any makeup.

The goal is to enhance your beauty while maintaining your identity and natural look.

To achieve this result with excellence, I created my own technique, Iwama Sensitive, which allows me to work on any type of skin in a superficial way, stimulating the increase of collagen, being causing little to no discomfort and preventing any type of bleeding.

The technique is unique due to the way I handle the needles and colors on your lips and skin. Without harming the deeper tissues, I optimize the ink’s application on the lips, resulting in a much simpler and faster healing process, in addition to increasing the durability and guaranteeing a uniform degradation of the color over time.

I use an anesthetic cream and high-tech equipment that provide greater comfort during and after the procedure, such as the low-intensity laser that further optimizes healing.





The benefits range from the practicality of maintaining the desired color of the lips every day without applying any makeup, to the correction of aesthetic dissatisfactions such as pale, purplish lips, lips with spots, the disproportionality of the upper or lower lip, and the loss of definition of the lip contour. That is very common over the years.

Besides, it makes the lips slightly more defined, producing an optical effect of lips volume increase, and due to the increase in collagen and elastin in the healing phase, it makes the lips look rejuvenated. The lips with a refreshed look bring lightness and youthfulness that remain for months. It also corrects imperfections in people who have scars, fibrosis, including cleft lip.

The choice of shape and tone is based on the client's preference, style, daily habits and the original color of her skin and lips. It is possible to select discreet tones like nude and pink, for people who prefer the more natural style, as well as reddish tones for those who prefer the “lipstick effect” with more intense colors. Besides the most advanced knowledge and notoriety of my technique, the service is carried out in a personalized way in a clean and safe environment. My office is located inside a highly regarded medical center in Boca Raton-FL.


All material is strictly disposable and sterilized following the biosafety rules stipulated by the FDA, and rules determined by the state of Florida, USA. Always prioritizing the safety, transparency, and health protection of all my clients and staff.




Healing occurs gradually and smoothly, with a slight lip swelling on the day after the procedure. In the first three days we observe a more vivid and intense color. On the fourth day, a subtle peeling of the lips can happen, revealing a new lip with an extremely light color. This happens because at this stage of healing we have a very large increase in the production of collagen and elastin in the area. Days later, it is possible to check the real color of Dermopigmentation, which is on average 50% lighter than the color displayed immediately after the procedure.

As described above, “superficial healing” takes about 5 to 7 days, and the deepest healing takes 45 days or more, depending on the age and metabolism of the client. Deep healing is not noticed. It does not show any kind of reaction.


The durability varies between 18 to 24 months, depending on each person. There are metabolic factors and habits that influence durability, but especially the care taken after the procedure. All information about post-procedure care and specific products for hydration and local healing are provided by me immediately after the session. The color fades up to 50% after the healing period, so it is necessary to analyze the original tone of the lips and skin of each client.

The procedure takes an average of 1 hour and the touch-ups are determined by the desired result.

For lighter tones, we perform the first session and a touch-up after 4 to 6 weeks. For more accentuated tones, I recommend one or two more sessions, always respecting the healing cycle of the lip tissue. I use the best and most advanced products and equipment. Handling different types of needles and ink colors to achieve elegance in the results, precisely reproducing the characteristics of the real lips, ensuring a natural look.


As much as it is a safe and effective technique, it is not recommended for:

  • Expectant mothers;

  • Women who are breastfeeding;

  • People with uncontrolled diabetes;

  • People who use anticoagulant drugs;

  • Or people have a history of keloids.

If you have any questions, I recommend seeing your doctor to ensure that the procedure can be safely performed. A history of cold sores is not contraindicated for this procedure. It just demands more care and attention. If the client has had cold sores at some point in her life, even if it was a long time ago, it is important that she takes the antiviral before the procedure and keeps the medication for a week after the lip dermopigmentation.