Lip Dermopigmentation is an already well-known procedure able to define the contour and add color to your lips, always taking your mouth’s skin tone into account. 

However, the procedure can also be used to soften the signs of aging, balance asymmetries, and correct scars. 

And, in order to ensure the integrity of your lip tissue and achieve natural results, I developed a unique technique for delicate skin: The Iwama Sensitive Method. With my technique, the procedure is performed more quickly, comfortably, and without bleeding. 

When deciding on colors and adjustments for an improved design of your lips, we talk about your daily tastes, style, and habits. 

Together we find the best shape and color for you! 

On average, for a "refreshing effect", the most natural feel, we perform the procedure and you are required to come back for one touch up adjustment visit within 4 to 6 weeks. 

For women who prefer the "lipstick effect", I recommend one or two additional sessions, always respecting the healing cycle of your lips.

All after care information and specific products used to assist you with the healing process and hydration of your lips are provided by me immediately upon completion of the session.

I use the best and most advanced knowledge, equipment, and products. 

All material is strictly disposable and sterilized. The Iwama Sensitive Technique ensures quality in a clean and safe environment designed for you.

Enhance your unique beauty.

Enhance your unique beauty.



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Aesthetician and Dermopigmentation Visagist. Certified by the largest and most important Associations in USA, European Union and Brazil.


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