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White Spots Camouflage

White spots on the skin are very common, but there are different types that are commonly mistaken for white spots caused by the sun!

The Solar Leucoderma, which is also known as white freckles, are the whiten spots on the areas that have been exposed to the sun, and are caused by the ultraviolet rays, throughout a person’s life.

The rays injury the melanocytes, which produce the melanin on the skin, giving the darker coloration. The little spots are usually rounded and small, with a maximum of a10 mm diameter.

This spots generally start to show from 40 years of age, and they are a sign that the skin isn’t being protected enough against the solar rays. The Leucoderma can happen in all types of skin, including the skin of a black person, which although might have a better resistance of the sun, they can still have spots.

Which is why it is so important to put on sunscreen every day! Besides preventing spots, sunscreen also prevents rapid aging and diseases, like skin cancer.

It is possible to do the camouflage on the white spots with the client’s pigments colored skin, and of course, with a specific study of the coloration to obtain the tint that is closer to the real color as possible!

If you have any questions or curiosity about the camouflage on the white spots, feel free to contact through the email

With Care, Priscila Iwama


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