Vip Class

Personalized individual training for professionals with experience in micropigmentation, who want to learn specific techniques or perfect their own.

Prerequisites: Student must have previous experience with the dermograph (the permanent makeup device)

Duration: 14 hours


  •  Eyebrows Microblading

  •  Lip Enhancement

  •  Dermopigmentation Between Lashes

  •  Breast Micropigmentation


In the first period, there is a theoretical presentation of the technique and topics related to the results and safety of the procedure. Then the student will practice the fundamentals learned on EVA and synthetic skin. In the second period, a live demonstration of the technique will be performed on a live model (except for mammary micropigmentation for which we cannot always find a real model).


After the demonstration, the student will practice on his or her own model (who the student must bring to class) under my intervention and supervision. With a differentiated schedule, targeted classes, and certificate, this course will boost your career.


You will leave my classes with a stronger theoretical background in micropigmentation, more refined analytical skills, and a changed vision of the art of transforming the world through beauty.

It will be a pleasure having you with us! I’m looking forward to answering all your questions!

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