Lip Class

After the success achieved with the Iwama Sensitive on the eyebrows, it's time to teach you how to get delicate and elegant results on your clients’ lips too!

Prerequisites: Student must have previous experience with Dermograph (the permanent makeup machine)

Classes size: Up to 12 students

This Lip Enhancement Course is a two-day intensive course of theoretical and practical classes, scientifically based, that addresses:

  • Anatomy of skin and lips aimed at micropigmentation;

  • Presentation of numerous types of needles, machines, and their respective uses;

  • Technique application in artificial skins;

  • ​ Skin anatomy for microblading;

  • Biosafety;

  • Color scale;

  • Pigment application;

  • Visagism;

  • Professional ethics;

  • How to find your professional identity;

  • Tips on photography, lighting, and image editing apps;

  • Technique demo with a live model;

  • Case studies.


"With a unique workload, targeted classes, and a certificate, this course will boost your career. You will leave my classes with a stronger conceptual foundation in microblading, fine-tuned analytical skills, and a new mindset when talking about transforming our world through beauty."

​It will be a pleasure having you with us! I’m looking forward to answering all of your questions!

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