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Priscila Iwama Ep


The Iwama Sensitive Technique was created by established cosmetic tattoo artist and owner of Priscila Iwama Enhancement in Boca, Raton, FL, Priscila Iwama. Over the past few decades, the way Priscila works with ink and skin has become more and more unique and personalized. Focused on the well-being and health of her clients, her journey birthed the Iwama Sensitive Technique; permanent makeup applied in a delicate manner, stimulating collagen production and protecting the current and future integrity of your skin--not to mention, superior realistic results.

Priscila's technique focuses on precisely depositing small amounts of ink in the ideal depth of the papillary dermis (first dermis layer of the skin). This increases the color's longevity and results in a shorter, more comfortable, and practically bleed-free procedure. The Iwama Sensitive Technique, combined with the best brands of ink pigment on the market, organic and inorganic, ensures that the area remains in the healed tone and guarantees a uniform fade of the color over time.


Operating owner and founder Priscila Iwama is a highly sought-after industry educator with decades of experience. She trains the next generations of dermopigmentation, medical, cosmetic, and permanent makeup tattoo artists-- working one-on-one with her artists until they have completed their apprenticeships. Everyone, including Priscila, dedicate their time to perfecting their art by attending continuous educational and specialty courses. This humbled team of artists also dedicates their time volunteering procedures for Breast Cancer Survivors

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