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A specialization for beginners in microblading!

While some view the microblading market as saturated, the reality is there’s a growing demand for specialists capable of delivering not just satisfactory results, but also enhancing facial harmony in sublime ways, reflecting the client’s best version when looking in the mirror. Our specialized Microblading course using the Iwama Sensitive Technique is designed to prepare you to stand out in this vibrant market, offering an approach that ensures a high level of naturalness, minimizing trauma and maximizing effectiveness and speedy recovery. This creates an unprecedented cycle of satisfaction and client loyalty.

Through this training, you will learn how to work with all skin types, understand the differences between pigments and their ideal applications. Our goal is to empower you to deliver a high-performance experience, where every detail of the service is carefully planned, from organizing the workspace to interacting with the client, ensuring not only satisfaction but enchantment.

Priscila Iwama 3rd day-88_edited_edited.png

And we understand very well your fear of becoming frustrated at the start of your career, or even worse… disappointing your client and the panic about the risk of doing something wrong that could permanently mark someone’s face.

Considering all this, Priscila Iwama, with over 20 years of experience, has developed the Iwama Sensitive Technique, which is so precise that it eliminates any chance of error in a procedure. That’s right, you read correctly, we eliminate the chance of error.

Client analysis, approach, and numerous case studies will be presented to you, along with lifetime support that will ensure peace of mind throughout your journey.

And that’s not all… with the course, you will receive a starter kit for 30 procedures, allowing you not only to quickly recover your investment but also to start profiting immediately. We are committed to supporting your ongoing journey, along with the option to obtain a tattoo license through our renowned clinic.

In the Iwama universe, everything is carefully designed to provide the best possible experience for both the client and the professional. By adopting our technique, you’re not just learning microblading; you’re part of a revolutionary approach that brings beauty even closer to the medical field, preparing you to lead with excellence and distinction.

This course is ideal for those who wish to go beyond fads, offering services that highlight natural facial harmony and authenticity. By specializing with us, you will be equipped to tackle any market challenge, ensuring a prominent place as a professional who doesn’t just perform, but transforms.

For more information and to enroll in the course, click here.


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