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Can I have more than one type of dermopigmentation done on the same day?

Hello, beautiful people!

Many of you want to have more than one type of dermopigmentation procedure done on the same day and wonder whether it is possible or not.

The answer is yes! Multiple procedures can be done on the same day, and there are no restrictions.

In my office, I see a ton of people from other states and countries, and I usually dermopigmentate eyes, lips, eyebrows, and scars on the same day.

Through the technique I developed, Iwama Sensitive, I can dermopigmentate with the slightest amount of trauma, and I achieve delicate results with minimal swelling.

After the procedures, for three days, the treated areas will have a more intense color, although any swelling will be noticeable only on the first and possibly second day post-treatment.

On the fourth day, some clients notice a small amount of scabs flaking off. Others just notice the color of the pigment becoming lighter.

The healing process remains the same, between 30 and 45 days. Once the healing process is complete, any touch-ups can be done, if necessary.