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December Reflections: Uncovering Depth in Our Actions and Achievements

As December unfolds and 2023 draws to a close, it’s an opportune time for deep introspection. It’s not just about what we’ve achieved, but the lasting impact of those achievements. In my journey, I’ve learned that every action, every decision, goes far beyond what meets the eye.

Looking Beneath the Surface

Each of us, in our professions and lives, makes choices and performs work that has deeper consequences. I witness this every day in my clinic, through each interaction with clients and students, whether in the procedure room or during classes. It’s about more than just stories; these are windows into transformed lives.

December Reflections

A Tale That Inspires

A few weeks ago, I met a client who, at first glance, showed a beautifully rejuvenated face from a facelift. Unfortunately, she was paying a high price in lost self-confidence and freedom due to visible scars from the surgery. Her story of life changing for both better and worse seemed almost unbelievable. Regaining her self-confidence and restoring self-love, appreciating the freedom to do simple things like tying her hair in a ponytail, all became possible after Iwama Sensitive Tecnique, a way to even out the skin color of these scars. With a painless procedure, without bleeding and with immediate results, her life was profoundly impacted in every aspect.

Transformation Beyond the Physical

The change wasn’t limited to her appearance. This is where the depth I always talk about comes into play. She began to radiate differently, to shine in a new way. Her renewed energy became an inspiration to everyone around her. This is the true essence of my work: not just transforming the physical, but lighting up the soul.

December Reflections

The Profound Impact of Our Actions

Now, I ask you to reflect on your own work. Think beyond daily tasks and immediate outcomes. Consider how your actions deeply impact the lives of those you touch. Whether you’re a real estate agent (who helps in finding and guiding the purchase of not just a house, but a home), an educator (planting seeds for the future, possibly transforming the life of a student who looks up to you), or a chef bringing health and flavor into someone’s life, each of us has the ability to positively impact and influence the people around us, and by extension, society as a whole.

Conclusion: From Micro to Macro

As we look forward to 2024, I encourage each of you to seek deeper meaning in your achievements. Understand how your work and relationships affect not only individuals but also their families, communities, and eventually, the world. It’s in this broader impact that we find true fulfillment and purpose.

With Love,

Priscila Iwama, always wishing you the best❤

Here’s to 2024!


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