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The Revolution of Medical Dermopigmentation in Breast Surgeries: Opportunities on the Horizon

Priscila Iwama Breast

Medical Dermopigmentation is establishing itself as a revolutionary field in post-breast surgery care, proving to be a promising area for professionals seeking a rewarding career. With market expansion and growing medical acceptance, the technique becomes crucial for the aesthetic and emotional recovery of many patients.


Market Expansion


The market for Medical Dermopigmentation, especially in breast-related procedures, is experiencing unprecedented growth. Breast lifting and breast augmentation surgeries, already so popular, highlight the need for complementary treatments to perfect aesthetic results, particularly concerning areolar symmetry and coloration.


Doctors and plastic surgeons, recognizing the substantial benefits of these procedures, are increasingly recommending dermopigmentation as the final step in their patients’ recovery journey.


Diverse Cases

From adjustments in areolar color and shape to camouflaging discreet or more significant scars from necrosis, dermopigmentation offers personalized solutions. For individuals experiencing areolar changes after surgical interventions or those who have completely lost the areola due to mastectomies, medical dermopigmentation appears as a light at the end of the tunnel, promoting not just aesthetic reconstruction but also self-esteem restoration.


Iwama Sensitive Technique


In this context, the Iwama Sensitive Technique, developed by myself, Priscila Iwama, stands out. This innovative technique ensures natural results with minimal discomfort, emphasizing the importance of a nearly painless procedure, without bleeding, and with a swift recovery. The appreciation and trust from doctors in this method have been so expressive that patients from various states and even from abroad seek our clinic for treatment.


A Rewarding Market


For those interested in exploring a career in Medical Dermopigmentation, now is the ideal time. Besides entering a field with high demand and professional recognition, working with dermopigmentation brings an unparalleled sense of satisfaction by seeing the positive impact on patients’ lives. Schedule flexibility and attractive remuneration are just a few of the many benefits.

To learn more about how you can be part of this innovative and gratifying field, click here and discover how to start your journey with us.


We thank everyone who follows our work and wish you the best in your journey of wellness and beauty, whether taking care of your clients/patients or yourself!


For more information, tips and inspirations about the world of Dermopigmentation, well-being, and personal evolution, follow me on Instagram @priscilaiwama, on YouTube at Priscila Iwama, and on TikTok @PriscilaIwama.




Priscila Iwama

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