• Priscila Iwama

How are the first days after lip dermopigmentation?

Hello, beautiful people!

To satisfy curiosities and clarify frequent questions, I wrote in this article everything you need to know about what happens to our lips after dermopigmentation.

You may have heard that the first week is crucial for you to have a successful result.

Regardless of the color you choose to use, in the first three days, it will be intense, with a lipstick aspect. From the fourth day on, the color will be lighter and more translucent.

Between the second and fourth days, the lip may peel off gently or, in some cases, depending on the type of skin, this smooth peeling may be more intense with the appearance of scabs.

Lips that are more hydrated and have a firmer skin tend not to peel, and, if they do, it is hardly noticeable.

On the other hand, drier lips are prone to scabs. But if client maintain the recommended hydration with appropriate products, everything should be fine.

It is natural to notice a small swelling in the area right after the procedure, although it varies a lot from person to person, and I can guarantee that it is minimal.

Most clients like the small momentary increase in volume on the lips and even start to consider subtle lip fillings.

To help with the healing process and provide comfort on the lip, I apply low-level frequency laser and specific products with a massager and ultrasonic cooler.