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Routine organization: the secret to thriving

It is challenging to juggle all the daily tasks, but the result pays off - a lot!

It is understandable that we are all a little overwhelmed: most of us have work, emotional and personal demands that, if not well organized, can end up consuming us.

I believe in a full and prosperous life in all the aspects that I have already mentioned; for this, however, we must think about organization. And when I say this, believe me: I am not talking about making immutable spreadsheets, nor do I mean to suggest that you create rigid plans to live your life robotically.

There is some pleasure in improvising and being surprised by last-minute events. Living also requires being able to let go, from time to time, of our serious structures and our obsession with the clock and the results.

Family Priscila Iwama

However, it is important to think that we develop our abilities and achieve our goals when we decide we can handle what comes our way. There is no doubt that adversities are real, but the power that our will has is also real.

You need to set priorities

I believe that the success of the human being is conditioned on the strengthening of his body, his mind, and his soul. For me, these three are the pillars that sustain the life not only of those who are exceptional in their profession, but also exemplary in their dealings with others.

If you are used to read the things I share here, you have surely noticed that I care immensely about serving. I cannot conceive the idea of passing through the earth, without providing those around me with a little of myself - and without transforming, whenever possible, their pain into something more beautiful.

Serving the other, for me, is a way of taking care of my mind, but especially of my soul. Giving of yourself to those in need means discovering that there is more than a physical body - there is so much more to be seen and shared!

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Besides seeking to do this in my profession, I do my best to take this care to other places in my life. There is no "right" way to give yourself to another; what I can tell you for sure is that you can fit kindness, respect, and care into any activity you perform.

Talking to someone who needs to be listened to or hugging someone you feel needs nurturing also allows for growth - and for both of you! We come out bigger, together, when we have these experiences.

Other ways to care for the soul

In addition to what I have already mentioned, I believe that there is something else necessary for the fullness of the spirit: exercising spirituality.

Notice that I did not say “religiosity”; it was not by chance. You have the freedom to choose what you believe in and what you want to call this encounter with what goes beyond the human experience. Some call it the universe, some say God. What I can tell you is: you know. Then know it. And ask for help and affection.

Saying a prayer, asking for yourself and your loved ones, taking a few minutes a day to meditate or even contemplate nature can make a huge difference. The daily practice of these attitudes can not only reduce your stress but can also help you gain new points of view.

You do not have to stop everything you are doing to meditate: if it is hard to fit a long process into your day, start with five minutes. Take a break in between clients to close your eyes and relearn how to breathe, or before bed, allow yourself to relax one muscle at a time.

Being present in your life is a blessing! When you realize the magnitude of being aware of the things that happen to you every minute, everything takes on a new beauty. That, to me, is the "simplest" way to be re-enchanted with the world.

The mind is what needs attention the most

I have talked a lot about the soul issue because this is a topic that moves me. However, this does not mean that I believe this search for spirituality is the only thing that makes a difference in our troubled routine.

Let me ask you a question. Be honest: when was the last time you read a good book?

Priscila Iwama

Reading allows us to look at several topics with a more critical and, at the same time, more tolerant eye.

And that is not all: books, especially those that talk about personal development and communication, allow us to be more empathetic.

Why is this relevant? First, because we live in society and we need, at all times, to cultivate our tolerance and our understanding of the difficulties and particularities of others.

It does not matter if you have a PHD in a specific subject or if you offer a new service on the market: if you are not able to listen to those who are next to you, to understand them and even to understand what has not been said - the famous "between the lines" -, you will never reach your full potential.

More than that: you will never have relationships that go beyond the limit of the obvious, of superficiality - and that, as we know, is too little. There is so much to be conquered and seen; why settle for crumbs?

How to do this?

If it is a challenge for you to sit and read for many hours, start slowly. Again, think about five minutes a day - it is a change in frequency and a change in your habits. This is already a great start.

You can also consume other content that talks about personal development: today there are audiobooks, podcasts and even YouTube channels that, created by experts, allow you to listen, absorb and understand new things even when you are on the go.

I am in the habit of listening to various materials about development and creativity; it helps me think of new ways to deal with situations that arise in my life, but not only this.

When I learn from the experience and knowledge of others, I am able to add new layers to my own understanding of reality. And that is amazing - after all, I become a more sensitive human being who is better able to see nuances and delicacies.

Finally, the body

How is your diet? This is a question you may have heard a few times in your life.

When we do not nourish our body with quality food, full of colors, textures, and distinctive flavors, we enter a dangerous process: little by little, we teach our body that it should work with a minimum. Even though it “bites the bullet" for some time, an hour it begins to fail.

Add new foods to your diet. If you have a problem with the taste of this or that vegetable, try to eat it along with other foods that are more pleasant for your palate or discover, on the Internet, new ways to prepare it. Everything is a habit; in a short time, it will be easier to get out of food monotony.

Finally, physical activity also deserves a little time in your day! If you cannot go to the gym, play a sport or something similar daily, set aside at least two days of the week for this and seek small changes.

What changes am I talking about? Prefer going up and down stairs instead of using the elevator, for example.

Instead of driving a mile to get coffee, put on a pair of sneakers and walk. In addition to exercising a little, you can still take the time to listen to that podcast about personal development that I mentioned above.

Great journeys are built with first steps, however "small" they may be.

What do you think of everything I said in this article? What did it do to you? Tell me about your perceptions; I would like to know your opinion!

Best regards,

Priscila Iwama


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