During my studies and specializations, I focused on the human side of my technique.  My first concern has always been with the health and well-being of my clients and, because of that, my research has been guided toward reaching a more natural result, colors closer to the real ones, and less aggressive procedures. 

Throughout the years, the way I work with the ink on the skin has become more and more unique and personalized. And this journey birthed the Iwama Sensitive Technique: permanent makeup applied delicately, ensuring the current and future integrity of your skin. The procedure is performed with little to no discomfort and no bleeding. It is always done in a customized way based on your unique needs.

Because your beauty should be as unique as you!



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Aesthetician and Dermopigmentation Visagist. Certified by the largest and most important Associations in the USA, European Union, and Brazil.


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