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Over the past few decades, the way Priscila works with ink and skin has become more and more unique and personalized. Focused on the well-being and health of her clients, her journey birthed the Iwama Sensitive Technique; permanent makeup applied in a delicate manner, stimulating collagen production and protecting the current and future integrity of your skin--not to mention, superior realistic results.


The Iwama Sensitive Technique, combined with the best brands of ink pigment on the market, organic and inorganic, ensures that the area remains in the healed tone and guarantees a uniform fade of the color over time. The procedure is performed with little to no discomfort and no bleeding. It is always done in a customized way based on your unique needs.

From all of us at Priscila Iwama Enhancement, it is truly an honor to work with each and every one of you! Thank you for trusting us with enhancing your natural beauty.

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