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100 Years of Eyebrow Evolution.

Known as “the frame of the face”, eyebrows play a crucial role in facial harmony, in addition to influencing facial features.

Eyebrows have undergone a clear evolution over the years, paraded in different styles and width. Each period featured its own trend, its icons from the fashion world, and Hollywood stars.

Check out each decade’s trend:

1920s and 30s: Glamor and drama.

Brows were thin, arched and rounded, defining femininity and glamor for the time.

During the 1920s and 30s, it was common to have completely shaved eyebrows to then draw a perfect line with a pencil as if the brows were a singular strand.

Clara Bow and Greta Garbo were considered the “it girls” of the time and had extremely thin and striking eyebrows.

1940s: Practicality and Minimalist Makeup

Now brows have become a little thicker. The trend this time is to arch them.

They start out thick and end gradually thinner, being the big star of makeup.

The inspiring muse of this time was actress Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly

1950s: Caret

A decade marked by full and dark eyebrows.

The "caret" format was desired and adhered by most women.

Marilyn Monroe colored hers in brown to bring her brows color closer to her blonde hair.

The beautiful Audrey Hepburn kept her eyebrows thick and black, intensifying the color with eyebrow pencils. The lashes were also worked on, allowing for a luxury doll type of lo