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How to get an extremely natural result.

Hello, beautiful people!

I hope my words find you well!

This week's topic is actually an answer to a question I receive daily from clients and students, as well as from colleagues.

Pri, what do you do to achieve such a natural result?

Saying "WHAT" would not be enough ... since many people already do "microblading and dermopigmentation" …

The question to be answered would be: HOW do I do it, and WHY did I create my own way of working? How did I create the Iwama Sensitive Technique?

Iwama Sensitive is an improvement in the practice of dermopigmentation.

It is the way I developed to superficially perform dermopigmentation while maintaining the pre-procedure integrity of my client's skin, in addition to not causing future damage.

This is what allows me to achieve increasingly natural results.

The procedure is performed nearly without any bleeding or any pain.

Knowing how to work on thinner, thicker, mixed, oily, and dry skin and on skins that present less collagen or elastin for various reasons is a must.

And the secret is to know how to identify these differences and work on the skin of each client individually.

You already know that we are all unique, but did you know that we all have in our skins some differences and peculiarities that can be positive or not for dermopigmentation?

For this reason, all my research and tests were aimed at identifying these peculiarities. I wanted to be able to apply the ink with minimal trauma, achieving more natural results, on all skin types, even on hypersensitive ones.

When I start the service, after identifying the peculiarities of the skin that will receive the dermopigmentation, I choose the blade that best suits the client's needs.

I have blades with various thicknesses handpicked, which today bear my signature, ensuring greater flexibility and security when creating the hair strokes.

The hair stroke fittings I make are unique. I don't follow any specific pattern or mold. All the work I do in a client is absolutely unique. You can check it out on the photos!

The use of high technology, such as low-frequency laser and local cooling of the skin, ensures comfort, and accelerate the healing process by up to 50%.

In the end, all clients leave the clinic happy and with virtually no redness on the skin.

I can confidently tell you that my technique’s successful results come from merging knowledge, experience, and quality products together and from following all the steps I created to perform each procedure.

And a natural result is guaranteed with the Iwama Sensitive Technique, a delicate way of doing dermopigmentation, which works in favor of your skin, valuing its current and future integrity.

To learn more about the world of Dermopigmentation, procedures, appointments, and courses, follow me on social media.

It is a pleasure to be connected with you!

A kiss in your heart,

See you next time!!

Priscila Iwama.


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