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Places to enjoy near the clinic

With many clients that are from different states, they always ask me about places near the clinic that they could enjoy their staying, before or after their procedure. So, I decided to write this with the best things to do here in Boca.

The state of Florida, in the United States, is full of interesting attractions, but today we will focus on the attractions near Priscila Iwama Enhancement. The clinic is located in Boca Raton, a city in West Palm Beach County, and is approximately 40 minutes from Miami.

For those who like beaches and feel connected to nature, the Red Reef Park, and the Spanish River Park, are parks that have access to beautiful beaches.

Animal lovers will love to go to the largest butterfly park in the world, called the Butterfly World located in Coconut Creek. It has 3 acres of butterfly aviaries, botanical gardens, and the famous butterfly garden, with rare species, each more beautiful than the other! Besides this option, there is also the Zoo Miami, which has more than 500 species of 3,000 animals, without cages. An environment with a safe structure for us and the animals, and we can see them more freely in their habitats.

A lot of people don’t imagine this, but here in Boca Raton there is a lot of influence from Japanese culture, and a perfect place to learn about the connection of the south of Florida and Japan, is the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach, with great places to explore Japanese culture and traditions.

Now if you like to go shopping and try new restaurants, Town Center of Boca Raton has indoor and outdoor high-end department stores, with amazing restaurants!

Another restaurant that is famous for its sea food cuisine is the Shooters Waterfront, in Fort Lauderdale. The restaurant has been open since 1982, with live music and beautiful water views.

If you also want to be enchanted with musicals, the Wick Theatre in Boca Raton, is perfect to watch Broadway classics. The interesting part is that it has special menus, according to the play that is in theaters!

For those who like art, we have the famous Wynwood Walls, one of the largest open- air street art installation, with innumerous hand- painted murals and galleries open to visit!

Taking the opportunity that I am making local recommendations, I will also leave my recommendations for professional services in the region, that I trust and indicate:

  • Dermatologist NP: Doctor Roberta Carraro +1 (561) 306- 6415

  • Laser to depigment old procedures: Juliana +1 (954) 774-0927

  • Laser hair removal: Israella +1 (954) 444-9331

  • Hair stylist: Lucy +1 (561) 929-1972

I hope you guys liked the tips!

It is always a pleasure to help and add on to your guys’ staying.

With care,

Priscila Iwama

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