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Truly live

Lately, while dermo pigmenting my clients, the predominant topic is the search to “truly live” and a lot of them say they don’t know how to exactly.

In between numerous talks and stories, we realize the fundamental thing is to be honest and realize we have faced our life. It is not the life that needs change, it is the lens we carry in our eyes.

If the days seem to have the same color and flavor, everything that happens around seem to be “the everyday normal”, certainly we have the autopilot on.

Because of this, PAY ATTENTION! Let’s wash our faces, come back as the commander of this flight called life, admire the horizon and choose which route we want to follow.

Currently is often talked about “awakening”, and awake from what and for what?

Awake, open the mind and heart’s eyes. Feel the life pulsate in each breath.

When things don’t go as planned, relax and keep the faith. Remember that everything happens in your favor. Give life the chance to surprise you.

Donate yourself, gift everyone you encounter with your smile. If you have never done this, venture out! The first smiles might be shy, but the more you smile, the simpler and honest this gesture will become, and transform everything around you.

When your days seem to go by too quick, remember this post… look for a balance, and enjoy the now.

With love,

Priscila Iwama


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