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Turn social media platforms into your ally

Hello, beautiful people!

This week, in a conversation with a friend, we got into a very current and somewhat controversial subject: how do you see social media?

A virtual world that has grown and is already part of the reality of so many people.

I remember that, just before the pandemic, most people did not approve of social media, despite it being an open space for endless inspirational and real stories that can bring hope to people on the other side of the screen, or the fact that it generated millions of new jobs, from content creators, support software developers to digital marketing and hundreds of others.

We know about the importance of being selective of what we consume, given that not all content found on the internet adds value to our lives.

However, here, off the screen, we choose who we walk with. We have the option to decide how we eat, what we read, with whom we share our moments, and even what we share.

Therefore, if we use this filter when we are off the screen, we can also use it when we are on it.

You can choose to read and see what makes you feel good.

Honestly, I am happy to live in an era in which digital technology is evolving fast, and now, during the pandemic, we have technology as an ally to bring us all together.

As soon as I moved from Brazil to the US, I realized that the pain of missing my family was quickly mitigated by the photos, videos, and messages shared every time I got on social media. Also, through my online social platforms, I get to connect with people who inspire me, who transform me with their life examples and stories.

These same platforms have helped me reach people who can benefit from my experience and passion for what I do.

Clients arrive at my office more relaxed because they have been able to see countless before and after photos of procedures; read reviews from satisfied customers; and, through the comments, they can get a feel for the affection and attention I dedicate to each one of them.

All posts about my voluntary work on breast dermopigmentation for cancer survivors have been widely publicized and shared by many of you, enabling me to help so many women! I have no words to describe my gratitude.

I hope that our evolution as human beings can keep up with the digital revolution and that we increasingly take into account the need for balance and common sense when using this connection tool.


Priscilla Iwama


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