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What does it take to formalize a permanent makeup business?

The rules for formalizing establishments of this kind can vary greatly.

There are a lot of questions about what is needed to work safely, responsibly and legalized with dermopigmentation, micropigmentation, microblading, or other analogous procedures, which we usually just call permanent makeup procedures.

What does it take to formalize a permanent makeup business?

Because of that, I decided to write a short article on the topic, considering what I know about the North American reality and its particularities.

This is because, although I am Brazilian and have worked in my home country for a long time, I had to adapt my modus operandi when I decided to embark on the possibilities that another homeland offered me.

In Brazil, things are a bit different. If your goal is to open a business in this country, I urge you to seek information from the competent bodies and thus ensure the welfare not only of your client, but of all your staff.

If you already work with permanent makeup procedures in Brazil and want to come to the United States to work, you need to know that it is not enough just to “get a license”.

There are several rules that must be obeyed to be able to work formally. I suggest you contact the U.S. embassy and offices specializing in immigration processes and then start planning.

On my YouTube channel, I talked about how I got the green card and what it means for you who want to leave your country, start entrepreneurship, and create a life in the United States. If you want, click here to watch the video.

Having said that, let's go:

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