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Clinic Priscila Iwama


Be a world class professional in the fastest growing market in the globe!


Breast reconstruction through dermopigmentation volunteer for cancer survivors.

Priscila Iwama Volunteer Work
Priscila Iwama Make-up


During my studies and specializations, I focused on the human side of my technique.  My first concern has always been with the health and well-being of my clients and, because of that, my research has been guided toward reaching a more natural result, colors closer to the real ones, and less aggressive procedures. 

Throughout the years, the way I work with the ink on the skin has become more and more unique and personalized. And this journey birthed the Iwama Sensitive Technique: permanent makeup applied delicately, ensuring the current and future integrity of your skin. The procedure is performed with little to no discomfort and no bleeding. It is always done in a customized way based on your unique needs

 Because your beauty should be as unique as you!

Iwama Enhancement
Priscila Iwama Reviews

 Developer of Iwama Sensitive Technique, the delicate and natural dermopigmentation that has transformed lives.



Helena Amauchi

Priscila and team, I am incredibly grateful for everything you’ve done and for your simplicity and humanity. I’ve never attended a course like this.  You and your team nailed it. A thousand kisses. Miss you already!

Isabel Moledo

Priscila and team, gratitude is the word I found to repay the knowledge spillover, your dedication, performance, and professionalism. Taking this microblading course with you was a dream come true. Among many mentors, I chose you because I identified with you. You are a complete professional: your didactic, technique, and attention, and, most importantly, good energy! The hours go by as if they were minutes. I finished the course feeling that I can perform the procedure strand by strand confidently. Thank you, you're beautiful!

Ana Claudia Oliveira

Priscila Iwama, an impressive amount of affection and professionalism in one person! Congratulations for providing me with such a pleasant it’s beautiful moment and the opportunity of meeting a human being with such a beautiful heart. I wish you all the success in the world, Pri!!!


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