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My first reconstructive dermopigmentation on a breast cancer survivor

The first time I did a breast dermopigmentation on a client who beat cancer, I felt an inexplicable emotion. To this day, I remember that day. I could barely breathe and, inside, my body was shaking. The responsibility of doing breastwork is immense.

My first experience was a complex process. I had to dermopigmentate only one of my client's breasts, balancing and taking into account both sides' appearance and symmetry.

When I finished the procedure, my client left extremely happy, emotional, and grateful. But I didn't feel that way. I was frustrated. I could not see the realism I thought the final result should have had. Today, with the experience I've acquired, I know that it is not always possible to bring out realism into every job. A natural look depends on and is linked to different factors.

But to my happiness and surprise, when my client returned after 45 days, I couldn't believe it was the same breast. She is a woman with extremely fair skin, and at the end of the session, her skin had turned very red. However, when she returned, everything was different. The reality of details that I wished I had seen right after the procedure was there.

The frustration I had previously felt gave way to excitement and satisfaction for helping my client and having achieved a fabulous result.


Priscila Iwama.

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